Rousing I: Relate


i. *

Oleuni’s lonely light slipped into my room and glowed the curtains.  I roused awake… and then it faded, just as when the first dawn ring stormed in some time earlier; after that, it’d only taken the moments to find the pillow aflung somewhere and bury my head under it before I floated back to sleep.  I murmured promises about getting up soon and that’s all I remember.
I only had to fly out to the Llygaid Crwydro and plop myself down behind a counter after the second long ring of the day, and that gave me enough time to convince myself awake somewhile later.
A note of something like a forgotten worry rung somewhere in my mind.
Some time after, an insistent short ring prodded at me.  When it sounded I was laying somewhere in the valley of half-sleep, and stayed there awhile.  It wasn’t until the light in my room exploded into full day⁠ ⁠—⁠ Enyswm rising, the second dawn ring chiming⁠ ⁠—⁠ that I started to have any trouble with my half-sleep.
My eyes, even clouded, couldn’t hide from the loversuns’ combined light. The day pressed over my brilles, even as my frills covered them.  Stretching and curling under the blanket, I settled into another comfortable pose.  I’d almost drifted back⁠ ⁠—⁠ not to sleep, but to something⁠ ⁠—⁠ before thoughts of my responsibilities flared suddenly across the surface of my bleary morning mind.  I had to get up.