Sifting VI: Vitrify



“Hinte!” I yelled out.
On the other side of the dark-green wiver a slender, black thing shot out from the vog.  Like an arrow it plunged into Hinte’s side.  I didn’t see the bite⁠ ⁠—⁠ but Hinte growled deep in pain.  I was yelling out in fear, in useless warning.  My wings twitched but the sight had vitrified me.
Another shadow flew at her neck. The wiver twisted — the creature flew close, belly running along her neck, a near-miss.  There was a hissing growl.
Sudden knife-claws raked down my back. They tore into my sifting suit, and left small cuts.  The shadow above me yarled, vicious.  I felt the impact of more claws —⁠ but no pain.  Blood flowed down my neck.  Not mine.
The human! It’d saved me. Teeth sunk into my side — a fourth shadow. It ripped through the white suit and slashed my scales.  I buckled.  Head smashed into the ground.
Hinte’s fight came as a mess of yelps and growls, almost in turn. The wiver’s cries tended more frequent and pained.  Did she need my help?  What could I do?